G-1000 Evening Course August 15th at 6 PM

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G1000 cessna.jpg
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G-1000 Evening Course August 15th at 6 PM

  • 3-hour night class

  • An in depth explanation and walk-through of the Garmin G-1000 avionics system

  • Discover all the functions of the G-1000

  • Small classes so as to ensure student success (4-10 students)

  • Course intended for pilots who already have or are studying for an instrument rating (this is not an instrument rating course)

  • Refreshments and pizza will be provided

  • Upon passing the test at the end of the course, student will receive a certificate of completion

  • Class starting August 15th at 6 PM EST

  • Classes cost $79

  • Call 561-694-9282 or email info@flyplatinum.com to sign up!

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