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Aircraft Management

Platinum Aviation offers comprehensive aircraft services. We oversee everything from daily operations to trip planning and financial management. All you have to do is enjoy reliable and convenient air travel.  
The Platinum Aviation team is founded in the strength of our management, administrative, finance, technical and operational background and experience.

Our experience working with management companies, charter operators, the financial and legal community, aircraft and engine manufactures, and industry service sectors, enables Platinum Aviation to offer our clients a wide range of disciplines. 

Our activities are designed to cooperate rather than compete with aircraft dealers/brokers, fixed base operators, aircraft charter and management/service organizations. We work in concert with them on our client’s behalf.

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We craft every aspect of the flight experience for you, making each flight hassle-free.
All flight-related activities, including crew coordination and accommodation arrangements, aircraft schedules, international flight permits and more.

Financial Management

Aircraft operations expenses will be reviewed, processed for payment and provided in a consolidated monthly statement
Ownership accounting management includes accounts payable of direct and indirect operating costs.
Forecasting of future costs of ownership, such as: inspections, crew training and overhauls.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance services team is available 24 hours 7 days a week. This includes both routine maintenance, inspections, forecasting, budgeting and unexpected maintenance needs. 

Our specialists are at your service. 

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Platinum Pilot Services

Platinum Pilot Services was created for those that have the freedom of their own or co-owned plane to get to their destinations with the comfort of having a professional pilot with thousands of hours behind the controls. Our pilots have the ability to crew anything from a Cessna 152 up to a corporate aircraft.

The program is designed to work on your schedule with our pilots ready to fly at your convenience. If tied together with our highly competitive aircraft management, you will receive the highest level of service and care, knowing that every part of your trip has already been taken care of before you even get to the airport. Contact us for a personalized quote!
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